CSLV Liquid Engine

The Alabama Rocketry CubeSat Launch Vehicle liquid engine team has the goal of developing a liquid rocket engine for static fire testing by May 2019. The team is focused on developing a methalox engine featuring COPV propellant tanks and a student-designed feed system. CSLV is split into three major systems: combustion, tanks, and powerhead. The team has entered Base 11, a three year competition promising $1 million to the first university team to launch a liquid-fueled, single-stage rocket to 100km. Twelve out of the fifteen students on the CSLV Team also participated in Project Altair in 2017-18.


+ Combustion

The combustion team is responsible for the design of the combustion chamber, nozzle, igniter, injector, and cooling system. The combustion chamber will be additivly manufactured on a copper SLM printer with regenerative cooling channels. The engine will feature methane and liquid oxygen as propellants.

+ Propellant Tanks

The propellant tank team, featuring exclusively mechanical engineering students, is developing cryogenic-capable composite overwrapped tanks. The tanks feature internal stringers, a baffling system, and insulation overwrap. Three total tanks will be manufactured by the end of the year: a fuel tank, an oxidizer tank, and a pressurant tank. The pressurant gas will be helium. Extreme caution is being taken to design the tanks to have safe venting both on the stand and during launch. The latest design iteration of the tanks has the fuel tank at a 2.5 meter length and the oxidizer tank at a 1.8 meter length. Both tanks are 0.5 meters in diameter and are being roughly sized based on a 0.6 meter diameter launch vehicle.

+ Powerhead

The powerhead team is responsible for the piping and valve system connecting the propellant tanks to the injector and combustion assembly.


Meet our Team


Project Lead


EnGineering Lead


Chase Trautman
Pittsburgh, PA


William McArthur
Tallahassee, FL


Combustion Team


Spencer McArthur
Combustion Lead
Tallahassee, FL


Orion Asher
West Allis, WI


Tyler Audie
Orlando, FL


Brady Hunter
Southlake, TX


Joshua Tuckey
Havelock, NC


Propellant tank Team


Chase Trautman
Propellant Tank Lead
Pittsburgh, PA


Anit Rama
Cullman, AL


John Willis Stevens
West Point, MS


Christian Thornton
Birmingham, AL


Marshall Williams
Kansas City, MO


Powerhead team


Jiar Meagher
Powerhead Lead
Henderson, NV


Coleman Ager
Tallahassee, FL


Colin Bennett
Merrit Island, FL


Ethan Diven
Bel Air, MD


Andrew Rater
Beltsville, MD


Nic Shorey