Project Lunarworks

The goal of Project LunarWorks, named after Lockheed Martin’s groundbreaking Skunk Works division, developed a liquid fuel bi-propellant rocket engine. This laid the foundation for a launch system capable of putting payloads into lunar orbit and eventually onto the lunar surface. The LunarWorks team demonstrated the engine by integrating it into a rocket for the Friends of Amateur Rocketry competition in Mojave, California. The team traveled to the site ahead of the competition date to test the engine.


Meet the Team


Brett Austin, Systems Integration Lead

Pasley Graham, Marketing and Sponsorships Lead

Karson Holmes, Project Manager

Britton Reynolds, Engine Design Lead

Alex Baker, Testing Manager

Dexter Harvey, Pressure Vessel Design Lead

Daniel Parsons, Cooling System Design Lead

Stephen Tsiu, Ignition System Design Lead